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Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Ryan Giggs:

15 Jun

This week via the Manchester United team, I bring you scandal! Let me paint you a picture of the kind of hooligans this week’s Silver Fox has been involved in…

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27 Apr

New Address:

See you there, fancy pants.

Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week: Jose Mourinho and His Facial Expressions.

27 Apr

I mean… the face really says it all. Anyone who can contort their face as intensely as this man (at his age) deserves Silver Fox status. These Foxes just keep getting more and more international. EN FUEGO I say, en. fuego.

Here’s the top 10 of my personal favorites:











….Let me tell you, 10 was HARDLY enough to cover it. Google the man for yourself. Pick your favorites. FOX ON.

In Honor of Friday’s Royal Wedding, Fascinators and White Shoes.

26 Apr

Look, I know what you’re thinking. This wedding hasn’t even happened yet and people won’t shut up about it. I’ve been perusing CNN, Vanity Fair and Perez Hilton online this morning, just casually catching up on my very important reading, and Royal Wedding dramz is all over the place. I’m in Ireland right now and there are television programs about it. I say, though, the more coverage the merrier. To me this is like a way more interesting and more stunning version of Halley’s Comet. It only comes around every so often, amigos.

Because the name of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer is a closer guarded secret then where Whitey Bulger is hiding, I bring you: fascinators and white shoes.

I was at a horse race this past saturday and let me tell you I saw some serious hats and head pieces. So many in fact that even though there would be no place in America that I could wear one of these without my friends (or a perfect strangers) ridicule, I am still determined that I need one to fill a void in my faux European soul.


1. Rhinestone Armadillo 2-5.

The White Out:

1. Louboutin 2. Givenchy 3. Louboutin 4. Fascinator Sandal, omg DVF.

Trend Spotting: Lace.

25 Apr

This summer lace is all over the stores. I maintain that lace detail works best on everyone who want to try out this trend because it definitely can’t be pulled off by all. Too much in the wrong way looks tacky so be careful when picking your pieces. Stick with light colors so you don’t unintentionally look like a lady of the night. Me0w. Think garden party. Subtle sexualness.

Runway Inspiration Below:

1 White T-Shirt, a Multitude of Saucy Options.

22 Apr

J.Crew white t-shirt: a closet staple, a best friend. Here are a few ways you can dress this baby up or down or all around.

All Photos by Samantha Jo Hale, photo minx.

Cardigan: Chicos (SURPRISE!), Neckalces: Vintage and Forevs21, Bag: Aldo, Jeans: H&M, Zebra Flats: American Eagle Outfitters. Hola, Casual.

Earrings: American Eagle Outfitters, Blazer: Banana Republic, Best Zebra Ring Ever-er-er: Forever21, Jeans: H&M, Leather Pumps: Steve Madden. Classy.

its love.

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Scarf: American Eagle Outfitters, Jeans that I turned into capris (kinda): Seven For All Mankind, Flats: Steve Madden. Awkward demeanor, my own. You like my piggy bank?

Extra Long Cardigan: H&M, Skull Scarf (hello again!): Topshop, Jeans: H&M, Pumps: Aldo.

Leather Bag: Nordstrom, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Ultra Tight Skirt: H&M, Peep Toe T-Strap Platforms: Steve Madden. Let’s date.

Headband: American Eagle Outfitters, Leather Belt: Vintage via the 70s, Skirt: Forever21, Suede Pumps: Nine West. Print it baby. Do it, Do it, Doo it.

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Oxford: RL Rugby, Shorts: Gap. Earrings: They Were a Gift.

SO MANY Glorious Options:

Style on, bitches.

Topshop, I love you.

21 Apr

Topshop, I love you. NEED YOU.

I’ve deserted poor Sarah for the next few weeks and am currently in Dublin, just casually hanging out, drinking mini sauv bottles and doin’ Margo things. But you know what that means? Street Style. And possibly some other wonderful travel inspired posts. STILL YOUR BEATING HEARTS.

One place that I am absolutely going today is Topshop. Two of my cousins and I have an unhealthy obsession with the store and when they are in London and I am in Dublin (or the rare occasion we are all in NYC at the same time) we RUN to Topshop like cult followers. It’s not a pretty sight, but our dedication and loyalty is to be admired, eh? I’ll give you the prices in dollars instead of euro or pounds. The only Topshop in the good old US of A is currently in NYC but you can order online at Here’s some pieces I’ll be on the hunt for today:

LOIS Orange Suede Platform Sandals, $130:

Nude Sleeveless Tuck Detail Dress, $95:

Black Tulip Sleeve Tea Dress, $80:

Cream Crochet Collar Swing Top, $66:

Mint Bow Blouse, $75:

Red Pleated Short Skirt, $70:

Premium Oyster Silky Blazer, $175:

Scalloped Suede Clutch, $100:

Panthea Cut Out Boots, $210:

Orange Cutaway Halter Dress, $75

Bonus points if you can guess what my two new favorite colors are. Subtlety was never really my thing. Hello Topshop, Goodbye euro.