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Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week: Jose Mourinho and His Facial Expressions.

27 Apr

I mean… the face really says it all. Anyone who can contort their face as intensely as this man (at his age) deserves Silver Fox status. These Foxes just keep getting more and more international. EN FUEGO I say, en. fuego.

Here’s the top 10 of my personal favorites:











….Let me tell you, 10 was HARDLY enough to cover it. Google the man for yourself. Pick your favorites. FOX ON.


Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Pierce Brosnan:

20 Apr

Mr. Bond, you are my pick for the Silver Fox of the Week. Do you accept your title with honor? HOTTUHH. I could fill this post with horrible “bond” and “007” puns, but for once I think I’m going to spare all of you and just fill this bad boy with fox pictures. Mr. Brosnan’s silver foxiness really speaks for itself. I am, for once, speechless. And also jet-lagged…. sad face.

…. Hot face.

Photo via JulHep

Photo via My Heart

Photo via IMBD

Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Colin Firth:

13 Apr


Photo via IMBD

I haven’t seen The Kings Speech yet, but my Mom talks about it like it’s going out of style so I better get on it because at this point I basically know the whole movie scene for scene anyway without having even watched it. I suspect she may have a crush on Mr. Firth herself. What a minx. Can’t blame her, he’s a looker, and from what I’ve seen of him in his other movies: Love Actually, Shakespeare in Love, A Single Man, etc. he is also quite the actor. Imagine that.

Photo via Wikipedia

His wife is one mucho suerte mujer:

Photos via IMBD

Emotionally conflicting when a man can make mutton chops look good:

Photo via IMBD

Until next week fox lovers. Adios.

Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week: Matt Damon, ehh I mean John Slattery

6 Apr

Purrrrr. This might be one of the oldest Silver Foxes I’ve picked thus far. Aging wellnot everyone can be so lucky. If you’re not familiar with John Slattery I’m not really surprised. He hasn’t been in much recently bar a Lincoln MKX commercial (an old man’s car, how ironic) and The Adjustment Bureau staring sexy Matt Damon. ….When Matt’s old enough to be considered for Silver Fox of the Week in the Republic of Daily Dose it will be a conflicting combination of joy and sadness. But I digress. Matt Damon is like a vortex for me, the man just sucks me in. I can’t help it?  But no, this post is not about you, Matt. Wait your turn.

Foxiness Below:

Photo via IMBD

Slattery, you’re lookin’ foxtastic in that top hat you lady killer. Oh weird/awkward/uncomfortable, Matt I didn’t see you there. Totes didn’t mean to slip you into this post by accident. But alas, here you are strange nation patches in tow. Welcome.

Photo via

Foxes of the silver variety are not always so easy to find. Annoying how Matt seems to be finding his way into all my Slattery Silver Fox pictures. I repeat, sexy Matt, this post isn’t about you. Stop stealing Slattery’s thunder.

Photo via

AGAIN and AGAIN, what a photo hog. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU DON’T QUALIFY, MATT. Give it up already.

Photo via

Oh okay Matt, you’re right it’s all about you. You always do this to me and it hurts. You win. I give up on Silver Foxes for the rest of the week. I hope you’re happy. Now walk away. Slattery is obviously displeased in the background. You owe him an apology.

Photo via

Poor fox.


Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Rob Lowe:

30 Mar

Some of you are probably tweaking out a little inside conflicted and perhaps bewildered pondering: “Does sexy Rob really qualify for silver fox status? He’s not that grey in Parks and Recreation?”…..But, as the author of this blog I over rule you and thus, the score has just been settled. You owe me $1o. Allow me to explain: a dye job does not put him out of the running for those sexually silver.. Hot Rob qualifies and he’s silver foxing it up all week long.

Hotness below:

Photo via

I can only hope my future silver fox third husband will be this fit at any point in his life, especially at stage silver. Le sigh. The man was born in 1964, I just want to remind you. Some guys just get all the good genes. Virtual high-five directed to Rob’s parents. A job well done.

Now, the salt + pepper:

Photo via

While Googling images of Rob for this post, I mistyped and Google suggested: Did you mean, Rob Lowe body? Ha, Google! Even the search engine realizes how svelte this man is. People must be Google imaging the shit out of those abs and buff arms. As they should.

Photo via GQ

Tisk tisk, Sarah! Rob’s going to be tres sad when he finds out you left him out of the wet t-shirt contest last Man Wednesday! You’re forgiven on my end, though. As fate would have it Sarah sent me the Vanity Fair cover yesterday afternoon via tweet for me to swoon over unaware that he had already been my pick for the week. We totes have ESPN, am I right? Fetch.

Photo: Author's Own. dream big.

Something to aspire to in your old(er) age. Soak it all in… NO! I’m punning again. Hump day fail. I promise to work on it for next week.

Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Hugh Laurie:

23 Mar

This week’s silver fox is Hugh Laurie, the British actor from the medical drama series House. Besides the fact that his eyes are piercing my soul right now, I happen to think he’s a great actor. I think it’s amazing that he can limp around like that for a hundred seasons and still manage to walk normally in his free time, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is Hugh is winning the piece of my heart right now; a heart piece that I’ve reserved just for silver foxes. Photographic evidence as to why he’s a heartknapper below.

This picture kills me. OH HUGH, you’re such a ham!:

only real foxes can wear pink.


hey margo's soul, it's me...hugh!

Here he is just being pensive on the sly. Smiling with his eyes. Tyra (not Banks, she dropped her last name to remind people she exists, remember?) so just Tyra, would be proud at his modeling genius.  Ah, I could go on. Somebody mail me a HOUSE dvd set?

Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Chris Hansen:

16 Mar

Andd here he is! The silver fox of the week. Just gettin’ all the creeps off the streets one rented house at a time:

If you haven’t seen the Dateline NBC series “To Catch a Predator”, I’m sorry but I don’t think we can be friends. Do you not own a television?  This show is a classic. I quote Chris Hansen in casual conversation more than anyone should ever quote anyone… EVER.  This tends to get worse every 4th of July when there is a “To Catch a Predator” marathon on and they play basically every edition for a solid 24 hours. Makes sense if you ask me. Chris Hansen is an American hero. Is there a better way to celebrate the freedom of our country other than catching sexual predators? NOPE. I don’t think so.

“Well, Bob, there’s something I’ve gotta tell you and uh, this might not come as a surprise but, I’m Chris Hansen. ((pause)) with Dateline, NBC.  And we’re doing a series on sexual predators. Have a seat over there. We have a chat room conversation that we printed here between you and our decoy Sally, aged 13. I’m going to read it to you now, if that’s all right. No, I don’t care if you already know what it says. Our Dateline viewers deserve to hear the truth. Get comfortable.”

so, what's on the agenda for tonight?

“Is that a condom in your pocket? You say you were going fishing? Seems to me you were just fishing for sex with a 13 year old girl. Please don’t cry sir, it’s embarrassing. What’s that? Don’t tell your wife? Well I’m pretty sure she’ll be watching this on NBC when it airs. I assume she’s heard of Dateline. For now though, you’re free to go. The police are waiting outside.”

Perfection. Sweet Katie Couric I love this man.

Hansen: “Care to explain yourself?” Predator: “I dunno, she seemed nice.” Hansen: “Well, actually no, she just seemed 13.”