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In Honor of Friday’s Royal Wedding, Fascinators and White Shoes.

26 Apr

Look, I know what you’re thinking. This wedding hasn’t even happened yet and people won’t shut up about it. I’ve been perusing CNN, Vanity Fair and Perez Hilton online this morning, just casually catching up on my very important reading, and Royal Wedding dramz is all over the place. I’m in Ireland right now and there are television programs about it. I say, though, the more coverage the merrier. To me this is like a way more interesting and more stunning version of Halley’s Comet. It only comes around every so often, amigos.

Because the name of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer is a closer guarded secret then where Whitey Bulger is hiding, I bring you: fascinators and white shoes.

I was at a horse race this past saturday and let me tell you I saw some serious hats and head pieces. So many in fact that even though there would be no place in America that I could wear one of these without my friends (or a perfect strangers) ridicule, I am still determined that I need one to fill a void in my faux European soul.


1. Rhinestone Armadillo 2-5.

The White Out:

1. Louboutin 2. Givenchy 3. Louboutin 4. Fascinator Sandal, omg DVF.


Topshop, I love you.

21 Apr

Topshop, I love you. NEED YOU.

I’ve deserted poor Sarah for the next few weeks and am currently in Dublin, just casually hanging out, drinking mini sauv bottles and doin’ Margo things. But you know what that means? Street Style. And possibly some other wonderful travel inspired posts. STILL YOUR BEATING HEARTS.

One place that I am absolutely going today is Topshop. Two of my cousins and I have an unhealthy obsession with the store and when they are in London and I am in Dublin (or the rare occasion we are all in NYC at the same time) we RUN to Topshop like cult followers. It’s not a pretty sight, but our dedication and loyalty is to be admired, eh? I’ll give you the prices in dollars instead of euro or pounds. The only Topshop in the good old US of A is currently in NYC but you can order online at Here’s some pieces I’ll be on the hunt for today:

LOIS Orange Suede Platform Sandals, $130:

Nude Sleeveless Tuck Detail Dress, $95:

Black Tulip Sleeve Tea Dress, $80:

Cream Crochet Collar Swing Top, $66:

Mint Bow Blouse, $75:

Red Pleated Short Skirt, $70:

Premium Oyster Silky Blazer, $175:

Scalloped Suede Clutch, $100:

Panthea Cut Out Boots, $210:

Orange Cutaway Halter Dress, $75

Bonus points if you can guess what my two new favorite colors are. Subtlety was never really my thing. Hello Topshop, Goodbye euro.

Lookin’ Good, Lookin’ Svelte.

19 Apr

Since yesterday was the Boston Marathon, I bring you ladies: stylish workout gear. You’ll bag yourselves a meat head at the gym in .5 seconds. Holy incentive! Re-start that new years resolution or start training for next year’s marathon. I know I’m THINKING about it. That’s enough for now, right?

1. Nike Running Shorts, $96
2. lululemon Define Jacket, $99
3. Asics womens kayano runners, $214.50
4. OMG zebra print sports bra, $25
5. Pearl Izumi Aurora tank, $34.99
6. Nike Be Bold Athletic Capris, $50

My Summer 2011 Must Have Accessory List.

18 Apr

A short list of things I need RIGHT NOW:

…or else I’m going to just die inside. Just metaphorically die.

A pair of these spicy A.P.C  sunglasses. Preferably in brick red for maximum effect, but Turtle’s OK too.

Photo via

These Lanvin Wedges that will make me about 6 ft tall….Dream big, ehh, vertical! I am still thinking tall, TALL. They’re the stilts to fix my short.

Photo via

Chloe‘s bedazzled magical mini bag. The brighter I shine at night, the less likely I am to get lost… It’s a win win investment all around.

Photo via

This stunner peacock feather headband for my dome piece…. feather me happy.

Photo via

One of these big brim black floppy hats to shield my face from the sun…wrinkles are no joking matter.

Photo via

Another animal cocktail ring...a Fox friend for my Zebra! **

Photo via toxiferousdesigns.blogspot

A Rose Gold Watch…yellow gold is so last summer.

Photo via

Bye bye money, hello my new retail derived happiness. Shop on.

**Disclaimer: my co-author Sarah definitely needs this fox ring more than I do since “Foxy” is her legitimate street nickname and her birthday is coming up. HINT HINT! I can settle for the precious sapphire owl. What are friends for?

Photo via toxiferousdesigns.blogspot

Kitten Heels Can Die.

14 Apr

Photo via IRONIC, NO?

Kitten heels make me want to vomit. I don’t care if they’re in style right now, they still look horrible on everyone. EVERYONE. Cankles! *shudder* (Kitten heels = .5″ to .1″) Pointless. Wear flats or make the commitment to heels. In light of my passionate hatred, I say: give yourself the few inch advantage and sport some of these heels and platforms instead. Your legs will be a million sexual miles long and the new shoes will certainly compliment all those spring dresses you bought. It’s a win-win. If your boyfriend is short and that is your excuse as to why you can’t wear heels, your boyfriend needs to take a good strong look at his confidence in the mirror. Harsh, but fair. Now, walk tall my petite pastry puffs, and if you’re tall already, walk taller:

Such Great Heights:

Louboutin Platforms, Bergdorf Goodman

Free People, $200


Steve Madden Haylow, $69


Jimmy Choo Vamp, $750


Calvin Klein Alex, $158


Olive Steve Madden Waren, $149.95


Steve Madden Staciee, $89.95

Cougar Life!

13 Apr

Oh boys, look what I found! Having trouble finding that perfect cougar? No need to trouble yourself further; look what I just discovered whilst researching on the interwebs for Man Wednesday ….. Cougar Life! A dating website specifically designed for younger men who are cougar hunting. Sign up, bag a cougar.

You. Are. Welcome.

Man-cessorizing: it’s Necessary

13 Apr

Image via. The Sartorialist

Dear Male Population of America,
I’m writing in order to inform you that accessorizing is NOT only meant for us lady-folk. If you do any online shopping (which, I’ll assume you do not) you will see that there is often an “accessories” category on the men’s pages (right after pants, shirts etc); such pages often feature things such as bracelets, bags, rings, belts and cufflinks. The possibilities are really endless. Aside from the ring option, which I am adamantly against, I find that man-ccessories are not used nearly enough in everyday life. Would a chic messenger bag really kill you? How about a belt slightly straying from the usual brown leather, gold buckle? The answer is no, Gentlemen. Don’t make me call you out for lying.
As-per-usual, I’ve taken it upon myself to point out a few Man-cessories that are sure to up your game with the ladies while also helping you look a tad less homeless (win-win situation). Let’s take a look, shall we?

forever21 Men: $24.90

This faux-leather backpack from Forever 21 Men is a fantastic alternative to the typical GIANT North Faces of school-years past. The leather-like texture gives the bag a grown-up feel while still keeping the “straight man” aesthetic that many shoulder bags can stray from. (Not that we don’t love dressing gay men but frankly, the straighties need our help more).  This bag can take you from the office to a night over at that “special someone’s” apt. in the blink of an eye. It’s a carry-all for the man that has everything, and after this blog post, many more of you will have everything (hopefully).

Rugby RL Skull-and-Bones Card Case $35.00

Take it from a woman’s perspective, one HUGE turn off (that many men are guilty of )is having a horribly old, beat-up, overstuffed wallet. Since we are living in the age of plastic, how about you agree to only carry cash when you absolutely need to and ditch to grody old wallet for this super-sleek alternative. This card case from Rugby Ralph Lauren (my alma-mater of sorts) will fit easily into your jeans without leaving a giant bump on your ass. It’s probably also more comfortable to sit on as well as easier to keep neat & clean (bi-winning).

Movado Men's Museum Brown Leather Cuff Watch $345

Ok, so this pick might be out of the price range of our male viewers but it is SO worth saving up for. Seriously, if I saw a guy wearing this from across a bar I would immediately check him out. This is the Movado for the non-douche-bag that wants a good timepiece but, doesn’t feel the need to buy one that flaunts his status (hello, overcompensation). It’s masculine, it’s casual, yet it could be appropriate for work (with the right pairings); it’s everything that a men’s watch should ever hope to be. There’s nothing in the world that I hate more than a man with ‘bling’ and this is just about as far away from ‘bling’ as humanly possible.

Clearly, I have a thing for guys in brown leather (yet another obsession that I’ll have to go over with my future therapist). What I hope that you can take from this post is that it doesn’t have to be hard to make an outfit. There is a clear difference between being outfitted and wearing a bunch of random clothes and adult men should always be outfitted. You don’t have to be strutting around looking like John Galliano; just strive to be a better man-cessorized version of yourself.