My Summer 2011 Must Have Accessory List.

18 Apr

A short list of things I need RIGHT NOW:

…or else I’m going to just die inside. Just metaphorically die.

A pair of these spicy A.P.C  sunglasses. Preferably in brick red for maximum effect, but Turtle’s OK too.

Photo via

These Lanvin Wedges that will make me about 6 ft tall….Dream big, ehh, vertical! I am still thinking tall, TALL. They’re the stilts to fix my short.

Photo via

Chloe‘s bedazzled magical mini bag. The brighter I shine at night, the less likely I am to get lost… It’s a win win investment all around.

Photo via

This stunner peacock feather headband for my dome piece…. feather me happy.

Photo via

One of these big brim black floppy hats to shield my face from the sun…wrinkles are no joking matter.

Photo via

Another animal cocktail ring...a Fox friend for my Zebra! **

Photo via toxiferousdesigns.blogspot

A Rose Gold Watch…yellow gold is so last summer.

Photo via

Bye bye money, hello my new retail derived happiness. Shop on.

**Disclaimer: my co-author Sarah definitely needs this fox ring more than I do since “Foxy” is her legitimate street nickname and her birthday is coming up. HINT HINT! I can settle for the precious sapphire owl. What are friends for?

Photo via toxiferousdesigns.blogspot


2 Responses to “My Summer 2011 Must Have Accessory List.”

  1. -V April 18, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    I love love those Lanvin Wedges! Fantastic Find!

    • Margo April 19, 2011 at 2:51 am #

      thank you! they are fabulous, no?

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