The Beauty Evolution of Gwen Stefani

15 Apr

Those of you who know Gwen Stefani from her days a la Tragic Kingdom, are well aware that her signature liquid liner/red lips look  was not always her go-to beauty regimen. The pop diva has gone through a multitude of looks, from rhine stone face decor to nude Alice-in-Wonderland-Chic, eventually leading up to the one that makes her one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Scroll down to take a look at the evolution of Gwen (complete with a few tips on achieving her various looks)…

Ahh the Tragic Kingdom days. Gwen, here was going all out at this point in time. She was a young, hot rock star (aside from the hair cones, those belong to Scary Spice) so she could get away with it. While this look should be properly adapted for 2011, a little face bling could be a fun option for a night on the town (AKA a theme party). Look into buying individual stick-on gems here to get your look started. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT dye your entire head of hair blue. A few streaks might be cool from time to time but, stick with wash-out color.

This slightly more “normal” look from the Tragic Kingdom era mixes Gwen’s own fetish for face gems with a little bit of Madonna’s 1980’s glamour. The tricks to this look are in the jewels and the hair; click here for a hair style tutorial and here for for a chic Forever 21 bracelet to complete your ensemble. 

This look from Gwen’s solo days is do-able for literally everyone. Take note. All you need for this look is a pair of sweet shades, the perfect pink lip color, and a statement necklace that will attract some major attention. The bracelet that looks like eyelashes creeps me out, so I’m not recommending that to anyone. Lashes belong on your face…not your wrist.

I’ll be honest on this one, I HATE the whole so-blode-they’re-invisable eyebrow look. I don’t think it’s flattering on anyone. The reasons why I like this particular Gwen-semble are the natural hairstyle and the berry lip color that prove Gwen’s ability to move outside of her comfort zone. She commits to her look; something everyone that wants to try something new with their look should be willing to do.

ANNND finally, we have arrived at the current, classic Gwen look. I chose this semi-awkward (poorly photoshopped) picture for one reason and one reason alone: eyebrow arches!! Ladies, I can’t possibly stress how important it is to have a well kemp pair of eyebrows. Bushy is never attractive!! First of all EVERYONE (including some men- hint) should own an eyebrow shaping kit like one of these, just to keep up between waxing appointments.


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