1 Black Dress, 8 Looks.

15 Apr

Amigos, welcome to my closet / bedroom! Here I have taken a basic black cotton a-line tank dress from H&M and complied 8 different looks you can try for yourself with minimal accessories. All pieces have been listed on the photo by purchase spot. Basic black leather pumps are by Steve Madden.

All photos by Samantha Jo Hale. 

Here’s what we’re working with. Ignore my bemused faces. I am not photogenic and also pale. Yet, outfit ideas look best on real people. And thus, today I am a model  guinea pig of my own project. Work it till it hurts…. a lot.

Dress H&M, Flats For This 1 Photo Only, Steve Madden.

1. Out on the Town, Minxin’. Hopefully not with the same face as the one I’m making here. That face is not a real crowd pleaser, trust me.

Horsebit Leather Belt: Vintage via gift from my Mother, Sequin Clutch: Urban Outfitters

2. It’s Chilly Out and You Wore This Dress Last Week. You also have an affinity for chevron belts. Good for you, geometry is the spice of life! And so is purple.

Cardigan: Express, Belt: Urban Outfitters

3. Date Night. Folded Shirt Over Featured Dress = Illusion of a New Dress. Belt holds it all together. Oh Oh it’s Magic! YOU KNOWW.

Shirt: Forever 21, Belt: UrbanOutfitters, Mini Olive Bag: Longchamp

4. Belted Skirt Over Dress = Same Effect as Shirt Over Dress. A whole new outfit all over again, BAM. I think you just fooled somebody into thinking your wardrobe is bigger than it actually is. Congratulations. And no, it doesn’t matter that you can see the dress poking out from underneath. This adds to it’s chicness as it is all about the layering. But if it bothers you, hike that shit down. Make the look your own. I have no shame, obviously.

Skirt and Belt: Forever21

and look what it does!

5. This is Your Potential Attempt at Being Edgy, With Skulls. Well Done, Pirate. You could accessorize this look more with bangles or earrings but for the purpose of this example I wanted to focus on the skulls and a pop o’color.

Skull Scarf: Topshop

6. Animal Print Scarf and a Green Python Belt For the Casual Work Place, Haiii!

Scarf: H&M, Belt: J.Crew

7. Day Walker. I still continue to stand awkwardly in my heels. Charming. I’ll work on it for next time, pinky swear. Scout’s honor.

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Ivory Bangle: Vintage via my Grandmother

8. Minimal Glitz. At this point I believe my Starbucks wore off.  Hazardous. Poor Samantha, I am no fun. Whomp whompp. Myself, mug shot chic. With sparkles!

Silver Belt: J.Crew, Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters

The Glitz and my Chest. Lets call it a day, shall we?

Get a basic black dress of your own and try these for yourselves you fancy felines!


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