Kitten Heels Can Die.

14 Apr

Photo via IRONIC, NO?

Kitten heels make me want to vomit. I don’t care if they’re in style right now, they still look horrible on everyone. EVERYONE. Cankles! *shudder* (Kitten heels = .5″ to .1″) Pointless. Wear flats or make the commitment to heels. In light of my passionate hatred, I say: give yourself the few inch advantage and sport some of these heels and platforms instead. Your legs will be a million sexual miles long and the new shoes will certainly compliment all those spring dresses you bought. It’s a win-win. If your boyfriend is short and that is your excuse as to why you can’t wear heels, your boyfriend needs to take a good strong look at his confidence in the mirror. Harsh, but fair. Now, walk tall my petite pastry puffs, and if you’re tall already, walk taller:

Such Great Heights:

Louboutin Platforms, Bergdorf Goodman

Free People, $200


Steve Madden Haylow, $69


Jimmy Choo Vamp, $750


Calvin Klein Alex, $158


Olive Steve Madden Waren, $149.95


Steve Madden Staciee, $89.95


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