The Costco Diamond Dilemma

12 Apr

Don’t pretend you haven’t heard about it. News of the 1 million dollar Costco diamond has taken over the internet since the story hit (Monday morning-ish?). While the diamond does seem to be a bargain (selling for 1 million and valued at 1.6) , and is just as beautiful as any other stone of it’s kind, I find myself wondering if I would really enjoy a rock that I knew came from Costco. Call me a snob but, I think there’s something special about getting a ring (or any piece of jewelry for that matter) in that little blue box (Cartier is fine too, ha). I’ve often felt this way about jewelry from the likes of Zales and the “Diamond Emporium”, but neither of those “affordable” sources are boasting a 6 carat rock. Maybe it’s just the idea of stopping at the counter for this mega-ring right after throwing a year’s worth of dishwashing detergent into my cart, I don’t know. Bottom line is that, although the savings are great, I just can’t get on board with this. Who is shopping around at Costco with a million + dollars to spend anyway?

Looking on the bright side, maybe this new development will stop the constant influx of “HE WENT TO JARED.” That would make the world a better place.


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