Madewell Denim After Dark: Boston

8 Apr

So, last night Margo and I headed out of our typical blogger comfort zones to attend the “Denim After Dark” event at our local Madewell (aka 329 Newbury Street). While the sales weren’t everything I hoped for (prices still a bit high for an almost-college grad) the event itself was pleasant. The DJ/greeter (lol) kept to the usual top 40 tunes but, really what else can a DJ in a retail store do? Even though we wound up going home empty handed, there were a few bright moments of the evening that we thought we’d share with you all. Hopefully these will help influence your Spring wardrobe AND prove to you that your favorite new bloggers do, in fact leave their homes from time to time.

Arriving, Yay!

“Come on in and say hi to your new favorite jeans” is right. Although they’re a tad out of my price range, the high waisted skinny jeans that I’ve been coveting for weeks have arrived at Madewell and they couldn’t be more beautiful, sigh. The extra 20% off denim that came with the event really was a sweet discount but it just wasn’t in the cards this time around, maybe next time. Maybe, they’ll come out with a pair of high waisted skinnies at Forever 21 and my prayers will be answered just in time to break out my Spring wardrobe (a girl can dream can’t she?).

soooo perfect!

The only thing that could console me after having to pass these babies up was a round at the snack table; and I have to say, for a retail event this was a pretty epic snack table. There were tiny cupcakes with little “M’s” on them that I became OBSESSED with and, to my shock and awe they had Izzie sodas! My guilty pleasure for my days at the office (there’s really nothing that a clementine soda can’t fix)!

aren't the cupcakes adorable?

Even though Margo and I only lasted a couple laps around the store, I have to say that the “Denim After Dark” events are a resounding success. I will definitely go to another one once there’s a little more disposable income available to honor all of my shopping desires ( or at least the 20% off ones). For now, here are a few pieces that Margo and I were lusting after throughout the evening (click the images for more info).

M is prints crazy this season! Can you say PERFECT?

These were only $39.99! Sadly, nothing in my size 😦

I NEED this! I looks just like the Jennifer Meyer piece that I've been dying over



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