Smell Like Bacon, Dominate at Life. It’s That Easy.

7 Apr

Bacōn is dead serious and I’m pretty sure I love it. Somebody please spray this hint of bacon cologne all over their bod and let me sniff you. I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS WORKS. Fargginay might be on to something here. Essential oils derived from bacon scents? Sexual/Tasty.

My only real concern is that I like animals so I truly hope pigs weren’t hurt in the making of this cologne. From what I’ve read on (Q&A) I can’t be sure since all it says is “bacon essence”. That might mean bacon or it might mean a combination of sophisticated aromas that mimic bacon. Spraying pig fat on your body is probably just a little too weird for me, but at the moment I’m ultimately conflicted. It’s too soon to judge.

Either way I need someone to order this and try it out. I can only assume Bacōn is a real panty dropper. Email me if you’re willing and able to be baconized. I’m excited to see what prospects this could bring.


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