Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week: Matt Damon, ehh I mean John Slattery

6 Apr

Purrrrr. This might be one of the oldest Silver Foxes I’ve picked thus far. Aging wellnot everyone can be so lucky. If you’re not familiar with John Slattery I’m not really surprised. He hasn’t been in much recently bar a Lincoln MKX commercial (an old man’s car, how ironic) and The Adjustment Bureau staring sexy Matt Damon. ….When Matt’s old enough to be considered for Silver Fox of the Week in the Republic of Daily Dose it will be a conflicting combination of joy and sadness. But I digress. Matt Damon is like a vortex for me, the man just sucks me in. I can’t help it?  But no, this post is not about you, Matt. Wait your turn.

Foxiness Below:

Photo via IMBD

Slattery, you’re lookin’ foxtastic in that top hat you lady killer. Oh weird/awkward/uncomfortable, Matt I didn’t see you there. Totes didn’t mean to slip you into this post by accident. But alas, here you are strange nation patches in tow. Welcome.

Photo via

Foxes of the silver variety are not always so easy to find. Annoying how Matt seems to be finding his way into all my Slattery Silver Fox pictures. I repeat, sexy Matt, this post isn’t about you. Stop stealing Slattery’s thunder.

Photo via

AGAIN and AGAIN, what a photo hog. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU DON’T QUALIFY, MATT. Give it up already.

Photo via

Oh okay Matt, you’re right it’s all about you. You always do this to me and it hurts. You win. I give up on Silver Foxes for the rest of the week. I hope you’re happy. Now walk away. Slattery is obviously displeased in the background. You owe him an apology.

Photo via

Poor fox.



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