David Beckham: A Man Of Many Dos

6 Apr

When I first decided to do a post about men’s hairstyles, I searched high and low for images of looks ranging from sexy to vomit inducing. Thank’s to google images, I quickly realized that one celebrity in particular, is known for changing his hair about as often as his changes soccer teams (burn?). David Beckham has gone from a shoulder length mane to a buzz cut and back again more times than I can count and, except for a few faux pas, he always manages to look great. Look alive, Gentlemen If David can do it then you can too! All it takes is a little effort and some good old fashioned know how courtesy of the Daily Dose.

Let’s keep it simple and start with what NOT to do:

I don’t care who you are, or what you’re doing; men in ponytails look RIDICULOUS. David here gives us a prime example of how stupid men look in a scrunchie (or three). Did a pre-teen girl come up with this style? He looks like a poorly treated “My Size Barbie”. If HE can’t pull it off, then you can’t either; wear it long (which is a personal preference of mine – take note) or crop it off. Anything’s better than looking like a psychotic lunch lady.

Oh the faux-hawk, It pains me to even talk about this. When did men as a population decide that they could attract women by imitating a stegosaurus? I just don’t see the appeal. To be honest, I’m a girl that likes a man with touchable hair and whatever pomade/gel/glue that is keeping this monstrosity standing up, cannot feel good to the touch.

Now for the good stuff:

In my book, when it comes to men’s hair shoulder length is the sexiest way to go (unless it’s curly UGH). Nobody wants to see a bunch of Fabio clones running around, but a well cared for “man-bob” (if you will) is the perfect look to attract the ladies while keeping your “street cred” intact. David, for example clearly has not shampooed his hair in days, maybe he was traveling maybe he’s just lazy, bottom line is he still looks put together. He didn’t just roll out of bed, he has a look and he’s owning it.

Now I understand that all you Daily Dose readers of the male variety might have day jobs that dub the “man bob” to be a tad inappropriate. In this case, I say try the other extreme. A good buzz cut can look clean and masculine, while eliminating the “bro” categorization that goes along with anything “spiked” (I shudder at the term). Be advised, the buzz cut can turn ghetto very quickly, make sure that you have the style, and the head shape for that matter, to pull it off without reminding us of Eminem.




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