Reese’s Wedding: The Fashion Lo-Down

5 Apr

Image via People Magazine

It seems like everyone with a pulse has been dying to get the low-down on the wedding of America’s sweetheart, Reese Witherspoon; especially since it’s recently been confirmed that this ceremony officially makes Reese the winner of the Witherspoon-Phillippe breakup (beautiful wedding v. possible love child – no contest). I have to say, from the limited images that have been released, I like the dress (not sure about the ribbon sash), I LOVE flowers, but I’m a little put off by the veil and the hairstyle. When I first heard that Reese chose to wear pink for the wedding I thought, “how refreshing, she’s not pretending like she’s never been married before” but her decision to wear an uber-traditional white veil totally negates THAT judgement. The white on pink look  just jarring, it makes her look like Easter Barbie. Reese’s super casual hairstyle is also throwing me for a loop. Why are you wearing your hair down and straight? Is custom Monique Lhullier not worth a curl or two??? It looks like she picked her kids up from school, hopped into her dress, and strolled down the aisle (which is entirely probable seeing as how the ceremony took place at Reese’s home in Ojai, Cali). One thing that I can appreciate about Reese’s matrimonial look is her IMPECCABLE choice of footwear:

image via

The Jimmy Choo’s “Macy” is officially the PERFECT shoe for a blushing bride. It’s design is feminine and refined (no one should be seen in a towering platform on their wedding day) and it’s color is not so blindingly white that it makes your feet look like they’re in serious need of a spray tan. I think that we can all agree that Reese’s aforementioned faux-pas can be forgiven in light of this Choo development…OK maybe not the white veil thing, that’s just inexcusable.


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