Sultry Spring Beauty Trends

31 Mar

Guten tag lovers! Today, I bring to you spring make-up looks. There’s about a bajillion* makeup tutorial videos on YouTube and oddly enough I was unable to find one appropriate for this post (or one that didn’t bore me to mascara infused black tears), and so it shall be done through the magic of photos:

Spring is all about the COLOR.

Bright Blue Eye-Liner: Good for all eye colors. Keep the lines thin like in the photo.  Blend your lid with coppers, silvers or neutral brown tones. Use black or dark navy blue mascara to complete the look. Blue Eyeliner: L’Oreal HiP Pigments cream eyeliner, $12.00 – drug stores.

Photo via


Hot Lips: Bright pink lips are back with a vengeance. Perfect pop of color for all skin tones. Keep your eye makeup light and neutral so you’re not over-doing it. Clowns terrify me, do not scare me away with too much makeup. Keep the focus on the lips for this look. Lipstick: Givenchy in Hot Candy, $29 – Sephora.

Photo via "Things We Heart"


Smokey Purple Eyes: Works brilliantly with brown or green eyes to make them pop. If your eyes are blue, use darker shades of purple to achieve a similar effect. Make sure you blend your purples carefully using at least three different shades. Line with eggplant colored liner and use black mascara. Highlight with silver shadow under brows and on tear ducts. Eyeshadows: NYX Purple Smokey Look Kit, $11 –

Photo via


Matte (no shine no shimmer) Skin: Lookin’ flawless. Save your glitter for summer, right now you’re going matte. No shine here. To get a matte finish: Decleor Aroma Purete Matte Finish Skin Fluid, $43 – and Translucent Powder by Physicians Formula, $11 – drug stores.

Photo via Timeinc


Bright Cheeks: This photo encompasses two trends in one! Bright eyeliner and cheeks. Sexual styling. Blush: Bobbi Brown in Desert Pink, $22 – Nordstrom.

Photo via Lipgloss and Lilies


Wings: Winged eye-liner isn’t really specific to spring per-say but is a trend turned classic go to. Just be careful to keep it simple or you’ll end up looking like Amy Winehouse and you will not be making any new friends that day. Also, keep your lips neutral, you silly street walker. It’s a perfect evening look for all. Should you fancy a mixup, try liner in navy blue with navy mascara. Traditionally, Liquid Liner: Almay in Jet Black, $5 – Target.

Photo via Rescu


Multiple Brights: Choose three colors only. Two warm colors for the lid and a cool color to line with. Play around with different shades to find a look that best suits you. Mascara on this look  should be black. Eyeshadows: BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette, $29.95 –

Photo via Eyeshadow::Lipstick

COLOR on, my spring chickens.

*Bajillion is a real number. It’s what happens when you mix a billion, trillion and million and throw in a J.


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