The Shoe Dilemma…

30 Mar

It has come to my attention that American men (possibly all men) honestly believe that they only need to own one pair of shoes at any given time. Sure, they may own dress shoes and running shoes for specific occasions but, for the every-day they rely solely (haha get it?) on one go-t0 pair. I first noticed this disturbing trend while living at home, where my mother had to resort to throwing my step-father’s shoes in the trash in order to get him to buy new ones. My step-father is an exceptional man so, I always assumed that this was simply one of his quirks and then, I entered the “real world.” Between my live-in boyfriend, co-workers and friends I have witnessed countless pairs of shoes that were dirty, scuffed, or literally falling apart. Some men are better than others, employing a “one pair per season rule” but (from my observation) a vast majority of men will wear a shoe until it comes apart at the seams (or stinks up the house). Can someone please explain this phenomena?

According to my boyfriend (my male reference for many fashion posts) the problem is selection. He claims that men have very little to choose from and thus are not overtaken with “shoe fever” the way us women-folk are. After doing a little digging (aka online shopping) I am fully prepared to call bullshit on this “no selection” argument; and I am willing to prove my point with a sensible yet stylish collage…

Any other excuses, Gentlemen?


One Response to “The Shoe Dilemma…”

  1. mskeriahrose March 30, 2011 at 1:15 pm #

    I totally agree with you on this one, I have noticed this for a long time and just figured they were either too lazy to go out and buy new shoes or just plain cheap. Maybe with help they will see the importance of having more than one pair of shoes.

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