Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Rob Lowe:

30 Mar

Some of you are probably tweaking out a little inside conflicted and perhaps bewildered pondering: “Does sexy Rob really qualify for silver fox status? He’s not that grey in Parks and Recreation?”…..But, as the author of this blog I over rule you and thus, the score has just been settled. You owe me $1o. Allow me to explain: a dye job does not put him out of the running for those sexually silver.. Hot Rob qualifies and he’s silver foxing it up all week long.

Hotness below:

Photo via

I can only hope my future silver fox third husband will be this fit at any point in his life, especially at stage silver. Le sigh. The man was born in 1964, I just want to remind you. Some guys just get all the good genes. Virtual high-five directed to Rob’s parents. A job well done.

Now, the salt + pepper:

Photo via

While Googling images of Rob for this post, I mistyped and Google suggested: Did you mean, Rob Lowe body? Ha, Google! Even the search engine realizes how svelte this man is. People must be Google imaging the shit out of those abs and buff arms. As they should.

Photo via GQ

Tisk tisk, Sarah! Rob’s going to be tres sad when he finds out you left him out of the wet t-shirt contest last Man Wednesday! You’re forgiven on my end, though. As fate would have it Sarah sent me the Vanity Fair cover yesterday afternoon via tweet for me to swoon over unaware that he had already been my pick for the week. We totes have ESPN, am I right? Fetch.

Photo: Author's Own. dream big.

Something to aspire to in your old(er) age. Soak it all in… NO! I’m punning again. Hump day fail. I promise to work on it for next week.


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