Monday Mash-Up: A Lesson in Print Mixing

28 Mar

Print mixing is not a fashion don’t anymore, but rather a marvelous Anna Wintour approved fashion win. Ladies (and men, should you be so inclined), gone are the days where a print short, pant, shirt or skirt must be paired with a solid top or bottom in order to avoid stink eyes from fellow travelers in your city streets. Behold, a revolution! I encourage you to let your print mixing flags fly and boldly take your outfits where they have never gone before. Below I have pasted some examples. Voila!:

Lines & Dots:

via Ms Made U Look

Nautical & Striped (An obvious choice for beginners):

Via Ms Made U Look

Florals & Florals:

D&G via The Haute Hoosier

Subtle Animal & Stripes:

Anthropologie via StyleLust Pages

Bold Color, Stripes & a Hint of Leopard (For those of you who are edgier):

Via Chictopia

Plaid & Dots:

Via Chictopia

Florals & Stripes:

Via Weardrobe

A word of caution: Mixing prints can be tricky! Make sure you stay within the same color realm of each print and do not mix more than two different busy prints at one time. If you’re uneasy about print mixing, but want to give it a subtle try, pair a skinny leopard print belt with a floral dress:



Belt: J.Crew

= Happy mismatching, my petite cupcakes.


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