Things That Should Never Go Together, EVER.

25 Mar

The Fashion & Beauty Gross-Pas List! (It’s Friday, I got a little lazy, sue me.) But these are still all very important to keep in mind. I still see them, which means you’re either not paying close enough attention to the words that are coming out of my mouth or you’ve lost the will to be fashionable… eh, let me re-phrase, socially acceptable. And so it begins:

Socks & Sandals:

You’re old man chic! And disturbing.

Steve Madden

99 cent Lipstick & Your Snaggle Tooth:


Bad Hair Extensions & Your Head:

Scraggly Toenail Polish & Open Toe Shoes:

Put some shoes on, lady. You’re scaring the children.

Ugg Boots & Men:

Sarah said she saw this the other day on the T and I wept for her. Where’s your masculinity, bro?

Too Much Hair Gel & Your Wet Locks:

I think your hair is frozen! Oh no, that’s just your “Scrunched Look” Get a diffuser. Note: If your hair is straight and has little to no natural wave…it WILL NOT, I repeat,  it will not curl if you “scrunch it”. Curling irons are cheap. Get one. Irony of all ironies, I found this picture on a tutorial “How to Scrunch Straight Hair” ….all is lost.

Rainbow Flip-Flops & Anywhere That is Not the Beach:

What Kind of Statement is This? Haii Jesus, is that you?!

Giant Hoop Earrings & Your Ears:

Hazardous, no?

Bad Spray Tans / Too Much Bronzer & Your Skin:

I think this photo is worth a thousand words… and giggles.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry.


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