Happiness is Cheap.

24 Mar

Here’s a list of things that will definitely brighten your mood. They’re not all completely practical but does that matter? Does it ever? Wanting something and needing something are two very different things. But in my mind, I only ever need things; especially to cheer myself up. Don’t fret though, they’re all under $30. BONUS POINTS.

A Personal Mini Cupcake Maker:  If you’re getting flash backs to your Easy Bake Oven, I don’t blame you. That’s kinda what this looks like. How important is it though, to have your own cupcake maker so you can make cupcakes at lightning speed anytime you fancy? On a scale of 1  to important I give it about a important + 10 billion. They sell them at Urban Outfitters for about $25.

Forever 21 Zebra Two Finger Ring: Sarah and I got these last week and I can say with complete confidence that it has improved my life ten fold. How cute is this little guy? Talk about statement jewelry. Feeling like you need to add a little subtle animal print to complete your outfit? BOOM, done. Subtle and precious. How can you go wrong? Besides, it’s only $6. eeeeeee!

A Personalized Starbucks Gold Card: If you’re like most of the people I know, you go to Starbucks at least four times a week if not more.  Here’s what you have to do: go to http://www.starbucks.com and register a gift card. Put money on it and every time you go to Starbucks, use your card. I just got to Gold Level after about two weeks (I have problem, judge me) and I’m tearing my mailbox open daily to see if it came yet. IT HAS MY NAME ON IT and it sparkles. Do this if you go to Starbucks a lot, it can only help you. Free coffee is as chic as it gets. Technically this could cost more than $30, but clearly not at one time. You’re building points and loyalty, people.

Cherish Crepe Chiffon Dress from Forever 21: This little dress is airy and light. It’s a nice shape for most body types and you can easily dress it up with a skinny belt, heels, or a blazer for evening and a denim jacket, sandals or flats for day. It’s the perfect spring/summer dress for $24.80

Poppie Jones Double Frame Clutch: A perfect pop of color for any outfit. It fits everything you need: cellphone, cards, ID, cash and keys for $19.96 at http://www.DSW.com. It comes in green, black, blue, pink or yellow.

Chanel Nail Polish in Orange Fizz: It’s the most expensive on this list for what it is, but when it comes to beauty products I believe in quality. This color will brighten up any outfit you’re wearing and the bottle will last you all season if not longer. All Chanel nail polishes are $29.95.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc: Generally retails for around $14 per bottle. Bye bye sadness! Hello dinner date or ladies night. Never under estimate the power of the Sauv.

Dailypuppy.com: If you haven’t subscribed to The Daily Puppy yet, you’re seriously missing out. First because it’s free and second because they send you a picture of a cute puppy every day. So, when you wake up, there your puppy is, right in your email. Start your day off right, would you?

Urban Outfitters Whale Bath Mat: Pretty awesome, right? The most awesome $16.95 can buy. Your friends will be jealous of your bathroom; it’s guaranteed.

…… Your happiness is less than $30 away. Pick wisely.


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