Man Wednesday’s Silver Fox of the Week, Hugh Laurie:

23 Mar

This week’s silver fox is Hugh Laurie, the British actor from the medical drama series House. Besides the fact that his eyes are piercing my soul right now, I happen to think he’s a great actor. I think it’s amazing that he can limp around like that for a hundred seasons and still manage to walk normally in his free time, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is Hugh is winning the piece of my heart right now; a heart piece that I’ve reserved just for silver foxes. Photographic evidence as to why he’s a heartknapper below.

This picture kills me. OH HUGH, you’re such a ham!:

only real foxes can wear pink.


hey margo's soul, it's me...hugh!

Here he is just being pensive on the sly. Smiling with his eyes. Tyra (not Banks, she dropped her last name to remind people she exists, remember?) so just Tyra, would be proud at his modeling genius.  Ah, I could go on. Somebody mail me a HOUSE dvd set?


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