Scarves: 12 Sultry Uses

22 Mar

I love scarves. Love them. People are always like, “why do you wear scarves all the time?” And I roll my eyes at them and giggle internally because it’s obvious they don’t see how many uses there are for these silken beauties. Fashion heathens. They don’t just keep your necks warm, people! Oh no, they do so much more than that. You don’t even have to wear them on your neck if you don’t want to. Do you see where I am leading you with this?


the super turban via The Mid Wasteland

The McQueen Cape

Scarf Bowtie via Proenza

Belt via Hip Girlie

Scarf Headband via Flights of Fab

Scarf Tie via Pucci

Scarf Bracelet

Bonnet via Hermes

Scarf as...scarf. via Urban Outfitters

Scarf as Ear warmer via Hermes

And there we have it!  Please note that I do not suggest wearing a scarf as a shirt….ever. Don’t do it. I will virtually bitch slap you if you do. Try these styles out for yourself and send us pictures to Scarf lovers, unite! Surely I am not alone in this…


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