My Eyes Are Burning: Yoga Suits

22 Mar

I saw someone wearing one of these the other day ( in PUBLIC) no less, and thought that I was about to loose my sh*t. Seriously, a yoga onesie? What’s wrong with people? What part of this is a good idea? Do they come with footies? What if you have to pee? (So many questions). If I can be brutally honest, which I’m going to be, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was “OMG imagine the camel toe that would result from this.” I mean really, any pose in the warrior family would become very dangerous to your lady bits AND just forget about lunges or happy baby (my least favorite pose of all). Leotards are one thing, they’ve been worn by dancers for decades, and despite their recent hijacking by hipsters, they would still be an acceptable form of clothing for a yoga class. I understand that you need freedom to move but, body-long spandex is just not something that I can get on board with, especially not in purple.


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