“It’s Time for Cat Massage!”

22 Mar

Should I alert PETA?! Should I laugh? Should I cry? I’m more of a dog person myself but this is crossing the line, right? I’m so confused right now. I think I’m going to wash my eyes out and take my dogs to the park or something…let them know I love them and give them a casual, non-sexual scratch behind the ears and a biscuit. I do not speak fluent meow. WOOF.

As the epitome of a crazy cat lady, this bitch LOVES her cat. A lot. Too much, in fact.  Besides, her shirt and matching shoulder pad infused blazer is straight fashion murder but I digress, there are bigger issues at hand, it was the 90’s, (I hope). Accidental pun, sorry I’m not sorry… you cat massaging psychos.

“CAUTION! Whisker Watch Alert! Power Purring! Drooling? I forgot to swallow, mmmm!” Are you kidding me? The difference between dog people and cat people has never been so profound. Normal cat people, this woman is not in your corner! Get her off your team she’s embarrassing you and massaging your cats!


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