Secret Ninjas are on Fire Right Now.

21 Mar

So, this video has been circling the interwebs for awhile but I just yesterday saw the interview with Casey and A Current Affair. This Australian kid is dominating! The poor thing is just devastated in the video, minding his own business with his awesome backpack and some punk 12 year old comes up and starts swearing and punching at him for no reason. Can the boy get any peace? He’s just walking through the school yard, doin’ Casey things.

Next thing you know, poor Casey has been punched about 6 or more times, at least once or twice being in the face, and finally he just loses it. Casey then picks his bully up and throws him down onto the ground with an abnormal amount of force not normally seen by any 15-12 year old population. Just straight dominates the bully and leisurely walks away. I love this kid. Subtlety is the key to being a secret ninja, my friends.

If you watch the interview you’ll see for yourself that he’s the nicest 15 year old out there, just trying to go to school and hang with his bros who apparently all ditched him because other kids started calling him fat. It makes me sad, honestly. Can we mail this little dude some kind of giant love note telling him how much of a winner he is? I don’t think anyone should fight to solve their problems; especially kids, but in this case, I’d argue that Casey’s bully learned a valuable lesson… secret ninjas are everywhere. Well done Casey, well done.



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