Vicky, Christina, Knockoff Loubs; The Look For Less

17 Mar

Since  it’s Saint Patrick’s Day and all I figured that ( before I get started with my ultimate fashion find) I should to show you all something green, alcohol related, and adorable. Here you go:

hint: he's even cuter after a few beers

Now that that’s out of the way; Margo and I went shopping on Tuesday and, while most of our day was a hate-fest of ugly, we managed to make a shoe discovery of EPIC proportions. Remember the super chic Loubs that we featured in our very first Luxury Corner?

Le Loubs

Well we’ve found a discount version, that (while not as good as the originals, obvi) is sure to blow your pretty little, non-millionare minds. These $80 beauties (shown below) are from the magical Aldo, and while they lack the hand crafted cut-out floral detailing of the Loubs, their crochet patterning gives off the same sexy, beach-y feel. Penelope Cruz would be proud of us for adopting her sultry style without having her movie star bank account. Adios Amigas, I’ll see you at the shoe store!


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