Trend Spotting: My Retinas Are Burning.

14 Mar

For those of you who are following us on twitter (@DailyDoseOfLIES) I tweeted about this but incase you missed it: a new and heinous trend is upon us. I was looking at last night, just happily perusing the dresses, trying to find some nice ones for spring. But then, as I scrolled down I saw something that literally turned my stomach. And this, my fancy friends, is what I saw:

image via

After that traumatic experience I thought, surely this is a joke. UrbanOutfitters is just yanking my chain. Not even the dirtiest of hipsters would wear this. But apparently, I was horribly wrong because as I continued my search for spring dresses via the interwebs I found that these overall creations are ALL OVER the place. Ha Ha guys, jokes on me! I totally never realized this is something that could be brought from farm country in Ohio or Idaho into main stream society. And I call myself fashionable! My bad:

image via

I tried with all my might to rationalize this horrifying trend and accept it as something that could work for others but just not for me (or anyone I come in close contact with). Obviously, I’m not that open minded. I’m telling you right now if I see anyone wearing one of these in public… EVER… I’m going to undo your hinges immediately, push you safely aside, stamp all over your dress with my platform heels and probably (if I have the means to do it) set your overalls on fire. I will then promptly walk you to an H&M or 344 and buy you a real dress that is denimless and less offensive to my eyes. You’ve been warned.

image via

Then the final straw in this scenario was when I saw my girlfriend Alexa Chung wearing one of these overall sensations and I thought “whyyyuhh?” I know she wears weird stuff sometimes (okay, a lot) but this was crossing the line. Also Cameron Diaz looks like she’s batshit crazy in her version. It’s like a mini skirt with an denim apron attached.  Cameron, darling, fire your stylist right now. I honestly can’t talk about this anymore it’s making me need to pop a Xanax. Bye.

image via



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