Girl Crush: Chloe Sevigny & Her Oversized Blazers

14 Mar

Most of you probably only know Chloe Sevigny as the high-strung blonde from HBO’s Big Love, but let me tell you folks, this Oscar Nominee/model/fashion it-girl is so much more. Chloe, also known as my future bestie, rose to indie fame based on her incredible talent and her bodacious bod. She has no qualms about her sexuality and her fashion sense is unique and fearless. My girl crush on Chloe stems from one thing: her unparalleled sense of confidence. Chloe’s ability to pair anything with a high waisted pair of mini-shorts and look FABULOUS is nothing short of astounding. I also hear that she has a killer sense of humor that includes the ability to laugh at herself…a lot of actors out there can’t to that ( ahem, Robert Downey Jr.). Scroll down for a look at a few of my favorite Chloe Sevigny outfits (most of which involve the essential oversized blazer). One day, I hope to have personal style of this caliber.


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