A Whole Lot of Ugly

11 Mar

Always, always ALWAYS a resounding “NO” for the following fashion fails. I hope none of you are guilty of these but if you are, seek fashion counseling immediately. Borderline psychotic or lazy you look; a chic trendsetter you are not.

1. Jeggings: Not flattering, even if you’re slender. I happen to be a fan of skinny jeans but I assure you they are sturdy denim material and I didn’t get them at Wet Seal. The problem with jeggings is that they’re a thin material and they have an inability to make anyone look pulled together or even casually chic in the slightest. Toss them. They probably cost you $13.99 anyway and the pockets are fake. I’m also 97% sure Lindsay Lohan has her own line of Jeggings. Pick your battles.

2. Visible Panty Lines: Oh, well, this is awkward. I don’t even think I need to elaborate as the picture is proof enough. In the words of stylist Stacy London: proper undergarments are your best friend.

3. Nude tights with sandals: This is what I like to call “a commitment issue”. Nude tights can always be tricky because it’s nearly impossible to find one that matches your skin tone enough to blend in completely. That being said; if it’s cold enough that you’re wearing tights why in the name of sweet Anna Wintour are you wearing sandals? You see the contradiction here? Also, the ankle bracelet; very 8th grade family trip to the Bahamas. Take it off.

4. Chipped Nails: Before you guys freak out, I’m by no means suggesting you get a manicure every week or paint your nails every few days so they look perfect. But there is a border line between “oh, crap my nail polish chipped” and “I’ve been picking my nail polish off all week with my fingers!” It looks trashy. Invest in some nail polish remover.

5. Canadian Tuxedos: Immediate apologies to all you stylish Canadians out there. I don’t know where this faux pas got it’s name but it’s here and it’s hideous. Don’t let the Chanel bag in this photo fool you; this is NOT attractive.

6. Fur Scarves: Hey lady, there’s a dead animal hanging around your neck. Classy touch.


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