Pirate Politics – New MA Voters Party Approved

10 Mar

So, originally I was going to write about some silly hypotheticals for the upcoming 2012 presidential election. You know, how Mitt Romney would make polygamy legal so everyone can have wifey goddesses like Charlie Sheen; or how if they miscount Florida again (a “miscount” that got Bush another 4 years thanks to Jeb Bush who was Florida’s governor) and Sarah Palin became president we’d all be suddenly conflicted about what abstinence teaching is, and shooting wolves from helicopters while we wave at our Russian neighbors high above our Alaskan homes. Orrr maybe if Scott Brown runs and wins women everywhere would be swooning over his silver foxiness and crying over his new book Against All Odds . Then of course Oprah could use some of her billions pay off some of America’s debt so Obama wins again and people can maybe worry less about how China owns us.. But! I digress; this is not what I’m writing about anymore my political peacocks.

Nope, a much more important political issue has come to my attention via a saucy Facebook tip from my co-author Sarah. We both live in Boston, and it  just so happens I have an abnormal affinity for all things pirate so this news literally blew. my. mind.

According to rawstory.com the Massachusetts Election Division has approved a MASSACHUSETTS PIRATE PARTY; I’ll say it again… a Massachusetts Pirate Party, allowing voters in our fine state to register as “Pirate.” I KNOW, RIGHT? I squealed. I think my poor dog almost died because I probably caused his ear drums to nearly explode because the pitch was so high. My year has just been made, MY NEW IDENTITY SEALED IN LEGAL STONE. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go change my voters status in city hall. RIGHT NOW.

To find out more: http://www.masspirates.org/blog/


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