9 Mar

Listen up Gents, cause I’m about to blow. your. minds. Are you ready?

Getting ready in the morning (and not looking like a criminal) is NOT HARD…rejoice! Seriously though, most men these days are doing their fair share of outfitting; the Hipsters have their daily calculated flannel, beanie, skinny jeans uniform and the Preps have learned to stick to the ever-chic plain oxford, dark denim look. The only thing missing is the actual grooming. I can’t tell you how many guys I see on the street that make me wonder “did he brush his hair today?” – needless to say, not good. Being a woman, I find myself unable to provide expert advice on the manner, so I’ve decided to outsource. Check out this video from Men’s Health for tips on how to update your daily manscaping routine (with the right styling products):


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