Casually Seductive: A Man’s Intro Guide to Fashion

9 Mar

Boys! May I introduce to you, the ultimate in lady getting… or slut scoring, if that’s your thing (I have to anticipate for a large array of personalities, okay?) outfits. You’re probably like ” what is this bitch they talking about? I don’t care what I wear. I put on a bad boy attitude, a t-shirt and some jeans and the ladies are all over me.” If you’re in college and happen to belong to a cult sports team (shout out to my laxbros!) then this currently probably is working for you. But if you’re older, graduated and in the working world you cannot dress like a college boy anymore. YOU’RE TOO OLD OKAY? If I just blew your mind, sorry I’m not sorry; deal with it. The truth stings, people. Luckily, I can offer you some suggestions. You’re welcome.


Jack & Jones

This says: "I'm rich & Important"

acceptable t-shirt for all casual outings.

Also, ditch the graphic t-shirts that have sayings on them or pictures of anything stupid. Not sure what falls into this category? If you have any graphic t-shirts from Abercrombie, American Eagle or similar retailer and you’re over the age of 23, ditch it. I don’t care if you’ve been through a lot together or  you won your fraternity beruit (beer pong for you midwesterners) tournament in it. IT’S DEAD TO YOU. throw it out. Have I made myself clear? The ladies don’t want a boy, they want a man!

Ask yourself “would The Situation from Jersey Shore wear this?” If the answer MIGHT be yes, take it off.

Say it with me: NEVER

The statement you’re making with your graphic t-shirt is “I’m a douchebag”:


2 Responses to “Casually Seductive: A Man’s Intro Guide to Fashion”

  1. MG March 10, 2011 at 1:50 am #

    Seriously – enough with the graphic tees already. Especially those with tattoo designs on them. That leather jacket is amazing. Thanks for reminding me I need to save to buy my boyfriend a new one because some douchebag stole his. Not ok.

    • Margo March 10, 2011 at 2:31 am #

      Leather jackets basically add instant sex appeal to any mans outfit. I suggest everyone’s boyfriend get one. boys, if you’re single… leather jackets will probably get you laid. just saying.

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