Celebrity Issue of the Moment: Charlie “Tigerblood” Sheen

7 Mar

First, let me clear something up before I get going on this Charlie Sheen business. Until probably about a month ago, this man did not pull my attention at the slightest. I had seen about 5 to 6 episodes of “Two and a Half Men” while in Europe for a month on a post-graduation adventure. That shit’s on repeat over there. Beyond that, I think I knew he used to be married to Denise Richards forever ago and got arrested a lot.

Apparently (according to Wikipedia so take from this what you will) the man’s net worth is about $85 million. WHO KNEW? I thought Hugh Laurie from “House” was the highest paid actor on television  but apparently old Charlie is right up there with him. Correct me if I’m wrong because I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I’m fairly sure that all he does on” Two and a Half Men” is drink on camera and avoid the women he slept with the night before while delivering the occasionally well produced one liner. He’s just playing himself in a fake television world. Brilliant. $85 million, bitches. Soak it all in. There’s hope for all of you aspiring actors and actress out there, so long as your daddy’s famous like Martin Sheen.

Fast forward to today: I CANNOT STOP reading about Carlos Irwin Estevez or Charlie Sheen or Warlock Ruler or whatever his name is now. The man is lighting up the interwebs like an underground techno club in Amsterdam. Don’t even try to tell me to stop tweeting his thoughts or quoting him in casual conversation. NO WAY. I simply won’t have it.

“Plan better.” – Charlie Sheen ….GENIUS. He’s right! I better get on that!

For those of you who were out doing normal social things Saturday night and missed his LIVE Ustream, I pity you. Earlier this week, according to his twitter page, Charlie stated that he has exposed us to “magic” something we would have never possibly seen otherwise in our ordinary lives. I tend to agree. Let’s face the facts the man…is SPECIAL:

He had about 9 million viewers on his live Ustream Saturday night and all he was doing was drinking tiger blood, smoking ciggs, beginning fake segments like “magic drawer”  and talking about himself while one of his goddesses and some ugly guys in flannel, “producers” I think they were, looked on and applauded. I hear he also recently had a spell cast on him by some witches and warlocks but I must have missed that. The internet is a fast paced world, amigos.

I guess being high on Charlie Sheen is what’s up. Breath deeply.



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