Trendspotting: Cropped Pants

4 Mar

photo via

Cropped Pants Make a Triumphant Comeback:

Remember back in the day when cropped pants were cool? Well my petite croissants reminisce no more, they are back and better than ever. Whilst perusing as you do, I came across one of the community look books. Upon further investigation I realized that these saucy little quarter pants are all over people’s look books these days. Por que?

I believe this major comeback can be attributed to a couple of things. Shall we investigate?:

1. Cropped pants can work for almost every body type. Short or tall, skinny or full figured. Your calves are seductive, ladies. Put them to good use.

2. You can dress them up or down. Going to ride bikes with the kiddies in the park this weekend? Bust out the cropped pants mama and slap on some sneakers or ballet flats. Going for some drinks with co-workers tomorrow night? Girl you take those black cropped beauties out of your closet and pair them with some pumps and a sparkly top!

3. You can find them all over the place. I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter whether you’re shopping at H&M or Neiman Marcus, you’ll be able to find these anywhere. Sarah and I promise to put this to the test next week on our Fashion Friday shopping mission. Stay tuned.

**Note: We highly suggest you stick with the more fitted option. Gaucho pants are not back and we don’t suggest you ever try to resurrect them either. You’ve been warned.


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