Disclaimer to Get out of the Way:

4 Mar

photo via MTV.com

First and foremost, welcome to Daily Dose of LIES! Our hearts are pitter pattering with the anticipation of what is to come and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Second, (and we are deeply sorry that we have to sound so threatening but we MUST) all of the ideas we post on our blog are ours and ours alone. Do not rob from us. Please cite and credit Daily Dose accordingly if you’d like to share our whimsical thoughts on the interwebs. If you don’t we are obligated to rob you of the entirety of your bank account via United States court system. If you are a content thief, thanks in advance for the money towards our student loans and European vacation. Understood? Excellent. Moving right along.

Third, likewise, we promise to credit all the blogs and websites we may use for our posts. Fair is fair, eh?

Fourth, we hope you’ll follow us on twitter @DailyDoseOfLIES.

Fifth, views are ours – not our employers, not our mothers and definitely not Charlie Sheens’.

That is all. Now for the fun that is Fashion Friday!


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